FIFA 12 Scores An Own Goal!

Posted Monday 30th January 2012

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There are three new additions to this year’s FIFA game, FIFA 12. They are Tactical Defending, Precision Dribbling and the Impact Engine. The one to be aware of here is the last one – the Impact Engine. What it does is account for the weight, height and general physicality of every player and makes sure that when they collide with objects with the game – the goalposts, other players, for example – they react accordingly.

Except…that doesn’t always happen. As you’ll see from the pics below, early versions of the game revealed the likes of Liverpool’s Andy Carroll and Arsenal’s Lukasz Fabianski sharing a hug and a kiss. Then there’s Rooney catapulting himself headfirst into the ground before swooping back up like Superman, or Barcelona’s Lionel Messi running around without a care in the world – even though his left leg appears to have been twisted upwards. Massive LOL scenes!

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