Rustlers GameSafe – What’s it all about?

The Rustlers GameSafe campaign began way back in 2008. It was during these dark days that the first death directly linked to gaming did the rounds. Nowadays, of course, it’s quite a la mode for nutters in the Far East to peg out in internet cafes after back-to-back days of non-stop gameplay, interrupted only by the emptying of the throbbing catheter bag. There has even been a virtual funeral held for one legendary female gamer following a 72 hour intense relationship with her chair. Rest assured, although six feet under she still proudly boasts one of the highest attendance rates of the online game. Let’s hope for her sake a representative from the Guinness Book of Records was on hand to authenticate this splendiferous feat.

Now, let’s take a step back and transport ourselves to the real world for a moment. Gaming is not a dangerous pastime…that’s providing you don’t believe every Government campaign shoved down your throat. Admittedly it’s all too easy to get carried away and lose track of time when there’s scores to settle with gobby teenagers from Hicksville or blitzing a few more chaps from behind enemy lines. Fair cop, we’ve all been there but when the line between virtual and reality becomes more hazy than the eyesight of the specky kid at school with no nonsense bifocals you may not only be risking an early bath but also leaving yourself wide open to all manner of x-rated nasties. Try short-sightedness, heart attacks, Carpal tunnel syndrome, slipped discs, incontinence or even e-thrombosis as a starter for ten.

Enter stage right…Rustlers GameSafe. The advice coming from this camp is simple: take regular breaks to refuel during gaming sessions – it might just spare you a visit to your local A&E or worse still, being splashed in eau de embalming fluid. And as luck would have it, Rustlers, the hot ‘n’ tasty snack ready in seconds, just so happens to be the perfect choice for gamers in a hurry.

Remember, next time when fragging turns to flagging be sure to GameSafe and refuel with Rustlers.

Happy gaming!

Team Rustlers
Keeping gamers alive since 2008.